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Soul Readings/Coaching


Did you know that you are
a Soul having a Human Adventure,
and that you have a Team of
Soul Family,
Guides, and Angels
who are always with you? 

There is nothing in your story that isn't perfect
for You and your experience here.
All Things Are Right!

These readings will help you to clarify your unique Path so far,
where you're headed next, and
what your Team has to say about it

30 minute "Soul Glimpse",
60 minute session


Vibrational Balancing


You are bigger than your body gives you credit for! 

These sessions synchronise, align & balance your
physical & vibrational bodies/aspects as you lie on your back,
fully clothed, on my treatment table or zero-gravity chair.

My work is most influenced by (click for external links):


 Axiatonal Alignment Therapy


EMF Balancing Technique® Phases I-IV


Quantum Touch®


 Each balancing session may contain components of these modalities,
as indicated by your needs & wishes.

60 minute sessions

Zenith Omega Healing™

This powerful healing modality uses colour vibration, light & sacred geometry to clear your energetic systems. A session has 10-12 clearings.

60 minute sessions

All services are $80/hour,
and are available at McMartin House in Perth

or on a remote basis. 

Remote readings can be done by phone, Skype, email or audio recording. Remote balancing work is done at a prearranged time when you are at rest. 
Follow up by phone, Skype or email is included.

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